Highly Used wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Tool BLE TPMS Sensors For iPhone For Android Works On Universal Cars


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Highly Used wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS BLE TPMS Sensors For iPhone For Android Works On Universal Cars

Once BLE tire sensor installed in wheel, tire pressure and temperature can be displayed in cellphone with APP. During travel, tire pressure and temperature displayed in real time and send alert when statistics’ abnormal. For your safety, please read manual before using, thank you!




1: Support cellphone with wireless4.0 or above. Do NOT support Cellphone with wirelesslower than 4.0.(Due to the different hardware performance of android phone manufacturers, data transmission may be delayed, which is a normal phenomenon)

2: Product displays by cellphone. During driving, please be careful when viewing tire pressure and temperature in cellphone.

3: If tire pressure accelerates down or up continuously,please stop car and check if there’s any problem with the tire.

4: This product can read tire pressure and temperature, but it cannot avoid sudden accident caused by tire. It’s important to use tire with high quality.

5: Slightly tire leakage makes tire pressure decreases over time is normal. It has nothing to do with this product installation.


Outer Sensor Installation

Each sensor has a unique ID code. Please make sure sensor installed on corresponding tire valve.

Installation Diagram:

Corresponding sensor silkscreen indication:

Note: When spin the sensor to tight, please open the APP in cellphone (Choose Auto Pair) and Press “Search” button at the same time to finish sensor bind shortly.




1) Please follow the mark and install sensor on corresponding tire;

2) Please save the installation tools (screws and wench) in car, for installing or un-stalling sensor

3) After sensor installation, please check if there’s tire leakage.



APP Description:

Compatible Operating System TPMS supports both Android and iOS, requires wireless4.0 or above.


APP Installation

Option 1: Scan QR code on card, then download and install;

Option 2: Search “BLE TPMS” in APP Store or Google play Store, then download and install.

Pairing instructions Recommended Pair: Scan Code

Open downloaded APP, scan code to pair with corresponding sensor ID to complete pair process. Then install sensor, wait for it to read data.


Note: If unable to read data after installation, the car needs to be driven above 20KM/H for 2-3KM, then data can be approachable.




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